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Hi! I'm Mari, proud mother & wife,
I'm an Eclectic Person...my family would say "I'm the jack of all trades"lol
I'm an artist, my gifts/talents are many.
I love all things beautiful, but most of all...
I love to laugh & live life in color ; )
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Please Visit my Chatter Box on the way out.
Ask me anything or just drop me a hello. That's nice too. xoxoMari; )

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The first of many to come…When discouragement comes knocking on my door I sing this prayer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope it encourages you as well, you’re not alone and He is willing, ready, and able to carry you through it all. Enjoy and be blessed! xoxMari; )

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I will remember you for a lifetime, and you’ll remember me. 
Just as we remember the twilight, the windows wet with rain, 
the things that will always be with us because we can not have them…♡♡
Sparkle in someone’s darkness and let your Spark rekindle their Joy, Peace and Love. The pricelss gift you can give will come back two fold. Blessings are treasures we keep forever! As followers of Christ, that is our Great Commission.#unconditional #love  xoxMari; )

Vøringsfossen (by Martin Ystenes)

The King of the jungle <3

~warms in the sun, refreshes in the breeze, glows in the stars and blossoms in the garden~

Live It…

Wake up and embrace the new day!